Mammut RAS3 removable airbag

84.900 kr.

Fyrir auka öryggi í aðstæðum þar sem geta orðið snjóflóð, notaðu Mammut 3.0 loftpúðakerfið með Thule Upslope 25L eða 35L.

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  • One of the lightest airbag systems available, the Mammut 3.0 weighs only 1.5lbs/ 700g (not including cartridge)
  • Airbag maximizes interior pack space thanks to compact packable volume
  • Easily remove and transfer to another backpack for complete flexibility
  • Dependable system of compressed gas energy is not affected by the weather or temperature
  • Easy-to-use T-shaped deployment handle is height adjustable and easily stowable
  • Familiarize yourself with the airbag system and practice deployment without needing to use a cartridge with the included trigger test tool
  • Quickly locate buried subjects thanks to the bright colour
  • Screw-in-ready design allows you simply add the cartridge for immediate use
  • Unit must be paired with a Mammut Refillable Aluminium (North America) or Carbon Cartridge (Europe). Cartridges sold separately

Technical specifications

Airbag volume 150 L
Filling time 3 s
Range of application -30°C to 40°C
Model number 261001230